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For more than 25 years we have been founding and investing in companies, developing products and working with inspiring teams. Find out what fascinates us.


Commercial & residential real estate projects in Austria and its neighboring countries.


Development and trade of medical devices, OTC products and pharmaceuticals.


Taylormade solutions for sustainable decentralized Energy production in Austria and abroad.

Selected Projects - Real Estate

We develop commercial and residential properties. Building for generations means excellent locations, paying attention to sustainable construction and energy supply as well as good accessibility by public transport.

Take a look at some of our projects below.


Fashion Outlet Slovenja
Seedorf am Faaker See

Lakeside Village at Faaker See

Development and construction of a new quarter with 60 appartments
in seven multifamily resicences featuring unobstructable
lake view on the easterly shore of lake Faaker See.

Panoramic view over the surrounding alpine peaks from
Mittagskogel to Dobratsch, stunning sunsets guaranteed.
(Construction Start: Q1 / 2024)

Multifamily Residence - Bergblick

Development and construction of 20 appartments in five multyfamily residences
in quiet center location in the heart of the alps. 
Panoramic view over alpine peaks with Golf, SPA and Nature just around the corner.
(Construction Start: Q1 / 2024)

Multifamily Residence - Sonnendorf

Development and construction of a residential complex with 33 units in 4 buildings in
unobstructable central sunny and scenic location. Project features hiking area
at the door step, skiing facilities and over complete infrastructure.
Up for a stroll downtown Innsbruck? Check on the the S-Bahn shuttle
departing every 30 minutes.
(Completion: 2022)

Multifamily Resicence - Schönberg Weide

Development and construction of a multifamily residence with 11 appartments and
unobstructable panoramic view from the Stubaier Glacier
to the peaks of Innnsbruck's Nordkette on to Mount Patscherkofel
famous home of the olympic wintergames.
(Completion: 2020)

Multifamily Residence Siedlerweg

Development and construction of a multifamily residence with
17 units in quiet village west of Innsbruck with perfect public
transport connection. Reach downtown Innsbruck in only 12 minutes.

(Completion: 2018)

Multifamily Residence Vipitenum

Development and construction of a multifamily residence with 15 units
in center location of Steinach. More than complete infrastructure,
public transportation to Innsbruck city center in only 20 minutes.
S-Bahn shuttle every 30 minutes.
(Completion: 2016)

Selected Projects - Life Science

We take the decision on whether to start product development, to work with a new companies or to add a product to our portfolio based on three simple questions:

Our quality standards are set high, for ourselves and for the quality of our products. We like to rely on international know-how in product development and use European technology and European know-how whenever possible. In any case, our products are produced and certified according to the highest standards. Technical applications are usually approved as medical devices. Our OTC preparations as dietary supplements, medical devices or pharmaceuticals.

Below are some of our projects:

Bite Away

bite away® has revolutionized the treatment of insect bites and brought about a breakthrough in the thermal treatment of insect bites. Insect bites from mosquitoes, wasps, horse flies or other pests can hardly be avoided in summer - but their unpleasant consequences can.

bite away® is a patented medical device for the symptomatic treatment of itching, pain and swelling caused by insect stings and bites, e.g. B. from mosquitoes, wasps, bees, hornets or horseflies. If used immediately after the sting/bite, the symptoms can often be prevented completely. Therefore the affected body part should be treated as soon as possible. Even with a later start of use, the symptoms can subside more quickly. bite away® was developed in Europe and is still produced in Europe.

The device is quick and easy to use: the ceramic contact surface is placed on the puncture or bite and bite away® is switched on. The device emits a concentrated heat pulse fully automatically. This destroys (denatures) thermosensitive insecticides and prevents histamine release. The stinging discomfort decreases immediately.


The application of concentrated heat (local hyperthermia) is a promising physical principle of action that is based on the short, concentrated effect of heat on a narrowly defined area of ​​skin. Even a locally limited application of heat can be sufficient to trigger a pain-relieving and itching-relieving reaction in the body.

Cold sores are not only unsightly, they can also be very painful. The accompanying symptoms such as burning, tingling, itching or tightness can be alleviated from the first application of herpotherm®. herpotherm® is a medical product that can completely prevent cold sores if used in good time.

Using herpotherm® is very easy and only takes a few seconds. In the case of persistent or recurring symptoms, repeated treatment of the same skin area is possible. Please keep a treatment break of at least 2 minutes between the respective applications. A maximum number of 5 applications per hour on the same skin area must not be exceeded.

Enzyme Therapy – InnovaVital

The latest generation of enzyme preparations developed and produced by the German InnovaVital GmbH convinced us. The company's CEO is also a member of the board of the Deutsche Enzymforschungsgesellschaft e. V. and as an immunologist the successor of legendary Prof. Ransberger. He researches and develops in Germany and produces exclusively in Switzerland and the EU. We were enthusiastic about the exceptional quality of the products and the use of European know-how, as well as the evidence-based therapeutic successes in oncological diseases and in the area of ​​chronic inflammatory diseases. The products of InnovaVital GmbH are exclusively distributed by Innobionic Pharma GmbH ( and are therefore available in all pharmacies in the country within 24 hours.

Selected Projects - Energy

The future of energy supply is decentralized and sustainable. Although large plants will continue to form the backbone of energy supply, these plants will be supplemented by small, flexible power plants for a wide variety of applications. Consumers not only consume energy but now also start to produce part of what they need. Consumers become prosumers, they purchase and produce energy. Prosumers like to set up their own decentralized systems for wind power, PV or sustainable gas applications. So do we.

Take a look at some of our projects below:


Modification and reconstruction of a COGEN plant for the
production of electricity and heat for a leading textile manufacturer
(Location: EU)


Um- & Aufbau einer COGEN Anlage für die Strom- &
Wärmeproduktion eines führenden Lebensmittelproduzenten (EU)

PV Plant

Development and construction of a mid scale PV plant
for net parallel carbon free production of electrical energy.
(Construction start: Q4/2024)